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Highly recommend!

Highly recommend! My dog Ruger was stubborn and uncontrollable in public! She pulled on the leash, jumped on strangers and taking her anywhere was impossible! This is her now! Off leash in an extended down, with people and kids passing with food. I can’t say enough good things about this program and my trainer! She did an amazing job with a challenging dog! It has changed our lives!
Emily Beckman  // Verified Google Review

Off Leash K9 is for you!

My trainer was great & we couldn’t be happier. Charlotte was good on her leash before, but off leash, her obedience was more of a negotiation depending on what treats we had for her. After her training, she is like like a new dog. She listens on or off the leash. She is more fun to play with because I can now play with her outside without worry. She seems calmer now knowing that she has limits. If you want to be able to spend more enjoyable time with your pup, Off LeashK9 is for you.
Michael Veri  // Verified Local Guide

Best dog trainers around!

Best dog trainers around! They have transformed my dog into an obedience beast regardless of distractions off-leash. It is one thing to train my dog and hand it back to me; it is another to give me training so that I am competent in handling, and training my dog.

When you are through with the two-week board and train program, you will have a better concept of training theory than most. I must not forget the free lifetime refresher lessons for the life of your dog that comes with a board and train package which I have taken advantage.

When it is said and done, I think I will have been paid to make my dog incredible.

Bud Hancock  // Verified Google Review

Thank you off leash K9 Ocala!!

Day 1 after getting my 90 pound Bullmastiff, Mack, back:
We practiced a walk “off leash” this morning!!! AHHHH!!! YAY YAY YAY!! Perfect! We absolutely couldn’t go on a walk before, he would pull me and fight to get back to the house the entire time.

He’s only 35 pounds less than me so it was awful and it was such an out of control and dangerous situation. I would come back after 5 min in tears and with my hands bright red and usually bruises on my legs. That was a good walk if it ended with just bruises. Awful.

Today was like walking a dream dog. We practiced heel, sit, down, extended down where I walked away and said “come” and he came to me and sat down next to me. We had a nice talk, we listened to birds and it was so stress free and fun.

We also did the “load” command where he jumped into my car… which is a FAR CRY from him fighting me to get in the car and me having to bribe him with Cheerios and then I wouldn’t be able to get him out of the car for the life of me ‍. It would be a 30 min ordeal getting in and out of the car, it was so embarrassing & exhausting! We wouldn’t go anywhere, we were basically stuck at home which is no fun.

Mack is getting a bath at the vet at the moment and before I couldn’t control him while walking him inside of the vet office. Before, God help me if there was another dog that we saw. It was almost impossible to get him on the scale at the vet… the last time I left the vet I was literally bleeding from him pulling away from me on leash and it cut me.

But today, easy peasy lemon squeezie, he jumped out of the car, walked in past other dogs and he got on the scale no problem. The grooming lady that walked him back to the wash tub did the “heel” command and he was perfect and she was like “OH WOW!!” The last time I brought him in he fought her the entire way back. YAY YAY YAY!!! So happy!!! We have a fun life again! Thank you off leash K-9 Ocala!!

Tricia B.  // Verified Google Review

BEST money we ever spent

Seriously the BEST money we ever spent !!! Pictured below is my 8 month old Bellalena who did the two week boarding with my trainer . She is in a busy park with tons of birds , squirrels, other dogs , and kids. She stayed by our side the WHOLE time completely off the leash !!! It’s truly unbelievable. I can’t say how thankful we are !!!

Danielle D.  // Verified Facebook Review

Very pleased with our experience!

Off Leash K9 Training was incredible! Our 7 month old female doberman didn’t know any commands, would not recall to us and was very nervous in crowded areas, and pretty much did what she wanted.

After training with her, she is now recalling to us and totally off leash in public crowded places! Very pleased with our experience!

Thank you Off Leash K9 Training!

Cheryl McAtee  // Verified Facebook Review

Their work speaks for itself!

From start to finish my experience with OLK9 has been incredible. We were immediately put in to contact with my trainer, who walked us through every step of the board and train process.

She made me and my husband feel so at ease and confident that we were leaving our dog in capable hands. She addressed our concerns, made realistic goals, and stayed in contact with updates on his progress throughout the two weeks he was with her.

Upon pick up, we quickly realized our investment was absolutely worth it! A nervous, counter surfing, leash puller who was labeled “dog aggressive” by the shelter we adopted from was walking off leash in a crowded area, meeting and playing with new dogs, and responding immediately to commands. We’re so happy with what he was able to learn in just two weeks time, and thankful for my trainer’s skill in getting him there!

Not all goals are realistic for all dogs, and there’s so many places out there “guaranteeing” skills that it can be overwhelming to find what’s right for you. However, if you’re serious about any type of training for your pup, absolutely get in touch with OLK9.

Their work speaks for itself!

Colleen M.  // Verified Facebook Review

Best training!

Offleash K9 is hands down the best training you could ever get for your dog. I went through the basic/advanced training package with my dog and it changed our lives after just one lesson! My dog came whenever he was called and sat at my feet.

I recommend Offleash K9 to everyone now!

Cassie Wagner  // Verified Facebook Review

commitment and passion

Wouldn’t consider sending my dogs anywhere other than Off Leash K9 Training Ocala. The commitment and passion they have for each and every dog that comes to them is unparalleled. This is more than just a job to them, this is a lifestyle and it shows in the results they get with each and every dog they work with.

They sincerely care for about your dog like they would your own, and will always go above and beyond.

Adrienne C.   // Verified Facebook Review

These guys are amazing

These guys are amazing at training dogs, if your looking for a dog trainer, you can stop looking you have found the best there is right here with offleashk9training. Very professional and answer any questions you might have concerning your dog. I highly recommend them to everyone. Give them a call.
Roger White  // Verified Facebook Review

definitely an investment

Wouldn’t consider sending my dogs anywhere other than Off Leash K9 Training Ocala. The commitment and passion they have for each and every dog that comes to them is unparalleled. TTo be quite honest, I was nervous about the idea of sending away my 10 month old puppy to a board and train program. However, after researching more about it I realized that I couldn’t afford not to send him! With a busy family with 3 little boys, I knew we didn’t have the time to put into training the dog…and it would take a long time to see the results of our inconsistent efforts.

Chase a male shichon puppy was the newest member of our family, and I wanted to be able to enjoy him. The sooner he was trained the sooner we could do just that! I couldn’t be happier with the results!My trainer with Off Leash K9 Ocala was amazing!

It is definitely an investment that I would recommend for anyone that would like a well trained obedient pet that they can enjoy for a life time!

Thank you Off Leash K9 Training!his is more than just a job to them, this is a lifestyle and it shows in the results they get with each and every dog they work with.

They sincerely care for about your dog like they would your own, and will always go above and beyond.

Kristy C.   // Verified Facebook Review

I couldn’t be happier

My trainer was amazing and kept in contact with me daily. She was so understanding and Mowgli came back an official Good Boy. Thank you for everything. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend.
Patty Lee  // Verified Google Review

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